Woodchuck Recycling, Milton Keynes

After more progress on my raised bed project I was issued with a shopping list for bits and bobs they need for the next stage of building.

I spotted Woodchuck Recycling in Milton Keynes on my local gardening Facebook site. So instead of travelling back to St Albans which is a bit of a trip I decided to try this local recycling centre to see what they had to offer, I was not disappointed.

They had only recently relocated to this big warehouse but the organisation had been running for about three years, the chap in charge explained in their old warehouse they barely could see the floor.

wood recycling centre

They had a wide variety of wood in like new condition from big fence posts to planks, doors, skirting boards, plained timber, scaffold boards, pallets, wooden drums and sheets of MDF.

On the other side of the warehouse they had all sorts of hand crafted products including birdtables, children picnic benches, planters, tables, stools and baskets.

hand made pinic bench



They are also part of the Dulux Community Repaint scheme which means they collect spare paint from retailers and manufactures this means it could be end-of-line, mis-mixed or in a dented/marked tin. although these are all new full cans!

The other way they sell bargain paint is through Community Repaint branded, premium quality recycled paint, which is made from reprocessed water-based interior emulsion and has been blended, coloured and repackaged.

So this organisation have lots to offer for both indoor and outdoor projects!

The staff were really friendly and helpful with my list and even loaded the car up.




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