Upholstry Fabric

I use a lot of online places to collect bits and bobs for crafting. I regularly look at local sites such as Freecycle. This is a forum where people can offer things they no longer need for free.

The most recent item I  collected were some upholstery fabric books. I love to sew (though I’m not great at it) and thought these might come in handy for all sorts of craft projects.


There was so many different shades my head went into over drive with ideas, flicking through them I was pulling out hundreds of pieces of fabric I liked, then I donated the rest of the fabric to a local club so they could also do crafts.

I pulled outs reds and greens as I thought I could make some Christmas decorations, as I made lots of baubles and a wreath last year – perhaps this year I could make scented stuffed robins or even fabric baubles.


Christmas Fabrics

I recently redecorated my bedroom in yellows and greys, so I pulled all these out thinking about making small hanging scented birds and I was sure I could think of other things.


Then there were the pastel baby shades, perfect for something for my friend who is expecting twin girls!


Finally, I pulled out a lot of blues and greens.  My sister has just painted her bedroom in these colours and has pictures frames covering most of one wall that need filling – we’ll try a fabric picture.

So as you can see I got a bit over excited and now have a big box of fabric! I have a few ideas of things I can make but any suggestions are welcome.

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