Update on Raised Beds

The raised beds are coming on, my partner and his dad spent another two days on the project this week.

Day 2

When I came home from work today they had been very busy. They had finished the long bed that runs the full length of the grass.


This is now ready for me to sand, then treat with some preservative and wood oil to ensure it withstands our lovely English wet winters.

My partners decided to add capping to the top of the bed to give it the appearance of being more chunky. He balanced a bit on top to show me and I think it looks great:


The beds are coming along so quickly and are really sturdy.

Day 3

Day three was my day off from work, so I kept an eye on them for a while providing cups of tea and ham rolls to keep them going.

Though they did get distracted for a bit by a hole in the roof. After strapping a 15ft ladder to the roof of my car, which I might add was covered in spiders! My partner climbed on the roof and pushed the slipped tiles back up into place.

After fixing the roof they then began looking at my garden gate or should I say lack of. This has been missing for a while since we redid our fence. I have the gate but its a big chunky one so they are using those 4×4 posts I picked up from Wood Chuck Reycling.

After checking measurements and digging very deep holes, the posts were in and cemented! These are then left to set and on they get with more raised beds!


I then went out to do the shopping and left them to it, and they were still going when I came back at about seven in the evening. They have now finished one of the shorter beds and got the posts in for the arch way.


Ladder from the roof quick fix and gate



Only one more little bed to do then just preserving the wood, electrics and the watering system to go then time to fill them up.

Then will be BBQ time.

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