Upcycle Wooden Garden Pot

After making and painting the trellis I had some pink Cuprinol left which I decided to use on a wooden plant pot I already had that had defiantly seen better days.

To start with I emptied and cleaned the pot and left it in the sunshine so the wood could dry out completely. One this was done I looked at the metal bands which held this pot together on of them had snapped meaning the pot was a bit out of shape.



So I drilled a small hole each side of the break:


Then I raided my dads screw collection:


Once I found some about the right size I re screwed the metal band down making the pot stronger and ensuring it stayed round.



Once I had done this rubbed the metal down with a wire brush



I Then repainted the metal bands using some Hammerite I had left from the Cast Iron bench legs (I decided the Cuprinol was more likely to wipe off the Hammerite than the other way round if I wasn’t neat).

Once that was dry I painted the inside of the pot with some fence paint I had left to ensure I had enough for two coats of the Sweet Sundae Cuprinol on the outside. to make sure the boring colour did not show I left about 2inches at the top rim on the inside to paint in the Sweet Sundae.

Cuprinol Garden Shades - Sweet Sundae


I then planted my azalea in some fresh ericaceous soil and I really think it goes well with the trellis and adds a bit of colour to the corner:




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