Afternoon Tea – Towcester Tea Rooms

I had a very busy Saturday this week.

I started with afternoon tea at the Towcester Tea Rooms, then went down to London for a friends birthday celebrations at The Pleasure Gardens at The Grand Union in Brixton.

It was a lovely day so we travelled in style in my friends convertible¬† for the drive to Towcester. We got some funny comments and strange looks as we wore scarves on our heads to stop our hair becoming a windswept mess (something we learnt from past experience – it’s not easy to get a brush through your hair after doing 70 miles an hour with no roof).

Stylish Scarves to Prevent Messy Hairdo

On arriving in Towcester we walked up the High Street it was such a pretty town with cottages, boutique shops, pubs and even a museum.

We found the tea rooms and our reserved table, booked with a deal we had found on Groupon for £6 each.


The tea rooms is bijou, only about ten tables, so I would definitely recommend booking as all the tables were full. We were greeted by a young waitress who was very friendly and made us feel welcome. In my previous experience with afternoon tea shops there is a set menu, but here we got to chose our sandwich fillings. We picked a different filling each so we could sample all the flavours. I choose brie, bacon and mango chutney, then there was ham & tomato, cheese & sweet chilli chutney and chicken tikka.


When the sandwiches, scones and cakes arrived we were not disappointed, it all looked amazing.




It was great to be able to pick sandwiches, often salmon is included and although I like it, the other girls aren’t so keen (apparently it tastes a bit fishy) so I often end eating all the salmon and not getting the others. The salmon was still represented but in the form of this adorable bite size bagel.


The were all delicious, and full of flavour, and didn’t scrimp of the fillings. My favourite was the bacon and brie, the mango chutney was amazing. We worked our way through sandwiches, mini bagels and quiche.

Then we had scones! The staff told us to let them know if we needed more cream (Roddas Cornish Clotted Cream), and we definitely did. These scones were amazing I put a whole pot of jam and cream on mine (I wont even consider how many calories).


At this point we were all getting very full, but it would have been rude not to try the other little cakes on the platter, including carrot cake, cheese cake, rocky road and chocolate brownie.

As it was a hot day they offer the option to swap out the included pot of tea for a cold drink, we kept the tea but ordered a cold drink as well which we paid for separately. The prices were good Рa cold drink for four was £4.50 total.

I would fully recommend the Towecseter Tea Rooms, lovely location and helpful friendly staff, we were definitely not hungry when we left and the food was delicious.

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