Thompson and Morgan Clematis Plugs

An offer for free clematis from Thompson and Morgan was recently posted in the Gardening group I joined on Facebook.

In my garden one side has a long white rendered wall which is very boring to look at, so I have been looking for some nice climbing plants to grow up it. The offer was for three free Clematis plants all you had to pay was £4.95 for postage, so I ordered them to add to my growing collection. This included three varieties Pilu, John Huxtable and Multi Blue.


These arrived yesterday so I took them round to my sisters to get them planted up.


They are good size plugs. So I decided to use my new found favourite alternative to pots – poly bags.




I found this wooden diber helpful to make hole just the right size to drop my clematis plugs into (its also great for bulbs).


Once I had planted all three I watered them in well to settle their roots. These even came with a free packet of clematis fertiliser help encourage them to grow into big climbers so they can cover the wall and add splashes of colour.


Want to hear about similar offer? Follow my twitter feed and I’ll post next time I hear about one.


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