Skippy Plants

I recently joined a gardening group on Facebook. I am wary of joining groups as there are a lot that are full of people who are not very nice to each other, however this local gardening site is a wealth of information, knowledge and bargains.

This group offers help and advice on all gardening topics, for example if you are unsure if you have a plant or weed (a common issue in my garden) uploadĀ a picture and you will soon know exactly what it is. Through this site I found Matt, a local man who has a garden centre in his garden, known as Skippy Plants. He grows all types of plants, revives plants that you may have that are looking sad, grows new plants from cuttings or helps with digging up and moving plants if you are moving house.


Skippy Plants- Green House


At the weekend Matt posted he was having a sale so I decided to get his details and pop over for a visit. He was very helpful I explained I wanted perennials and he showed me which ones were hardy and what they were I came away with some Garilardia Goblins, Russel Lupins, Carnations and some Phacelia. He gave me a free Garildia and both the Phacelia were free. Phacelia are good for getting rid of aphids and also can be used as green manure.

These are allĀ  now potted up and growing well.


My selection

I would defiantly recommend joining one of these sites whether you are knowledgeable about gardening or you have lots of questions like me as they have a great community feel and you might just grab some bargains too!

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