Shed Makeover

My poor garden shed although I did give it lick of paint a few years ago was completely neglected, rotting and very leaky.



So with a lots of help from my new man and his amazing range of tools we set to work.

Firstly we removed the bottom few planks as these were crumbling and full of holes,


We then also pulled off the rather rotten, saggy roof that had been leaking for some years.


New Roof

So with the old roof off we set to work putting in some support beams (this is why previous roof was sagging)


we then placed new sheets of moisture resistant chipboard across these beams and put sealant in all the joints.




We then started on the window side of the shed where we had removed the bottom rotten planks, we replaced these with some old floor boards.


To make the shed water tight we decided to clad over the top of the existing structure.

To start with at the bottom we put some bitumen tape between the concrete slab and the bottom floor board to help stop rotting in future.


We then started to clad the side using a home-made spacer to ensure each  board was equal distance apart, These were secured with a nail gun (these are fun).



I was extremely impressed when he made me a window sill by cutting the section out to go around the window and flopped it down (I’m stealing all his secrets)


We then finished cladding the whole side using the same method.


We then decided to clad the door in the opposite way with the board in a vertical direction (so I can see where the door is) however at this point we learnt a valuable lesson: nail guns and glass windows do not mix! so after clearing up the glass,  he impressed me again making a another window sill.


We did manage to replace this locally and it was cut whilst we waited for £5.

Felting Roof

We then started to re felt the roof painting it with brush applied roof felt adhesive (black very sticky goop) then rolling out the felt


This was also tacked down with felt roofing nails. We used a heat gun to seal up to the wall at the edge of the roof heating bitumen tape to ensure a good water tight seal.

We then clad the door side of the shed again using the spacing tool and the nail gun.

Then added soffit and fascia boards to neaten up the edges of the roof felt tucking these down behind the boards and securing with the roofing felt nails.



The finishing touches like the window sills, soffit and fascia boards really finish the shed off. Now I just need to decide what colours to paint next spring when the weather improves.






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