Restored Brass Garden Lanterns

So now I have spent so much time making my garden a lovely haven it just needed a few finishing touches.

It can be quite dark along the side of my house and I often go out in the winter to the new Shed or Log store so I decided lighting would be a necessary addition.

I decided on lantern style lighting rather the modern look, so I went to my favourite shopping site (ebay) and looked for some budget options – I found some sad looking brass and glass ones so I got my bidding head on and was lucky to end up with three for £44 inc. postage.

When they arrived I was so excited and all the glass was intact. The lanterns needed a good clean as they were splattered with paint and had clearly been outside (where they belong) for sometime.


With the help of my partner I completely disassembled them…


(far more pieces than I thought)



Then started the long cleaning processes using Cillit Bang, sponges, scrapers and to finish off Brasso to polish them up.


The results really surprised me!


Luckily my partner remembered how put them all back together (as I wouldn’t have had a clue).


Then he put the up in the garden for me and connected a weatherproof outside switch (screwfix), I’m lucky to have such a handy man.


They look great and light up my pathway beautifully, then only down side is I don’t have an excuse not to put the bins out!

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