Raised Beds – Building Complete

Monday 7th July – Finishing Building

My partner had some spare time again today, so he’s called his dad in and they cracked on with the gate and the beds.

I was out all day, much to their relief (I’m not in their hair) so I was excited to return home and find out exactly what they had managed to get done.

When I returned home today, for the first time in about eighteen months we have a gate between our neighbours and our garden. It looks strange as its been missing so long. The gate is up and even has a latch and bolt fitted. It looks really good they just need to attach and trim the top piece.


At the end of the garden the last raised bed is now built, its the small one the other side of the gap to enter the patio area, its all finished so its my job now to get on and get this part all weather proofed and oiled.


The arch way is also half built I just need to get another fence post to do the top of the arch way, (need to pinch parents car for this) hopefully I’ll pick this up tomorrow ready for some more progress on Wednesday (fingers crossed).

Wednesday- Finishing Touches

On Wednesday my partner worked on the garden all day. He started by putting me in another outside tap so I have one at both ends of the garden. He has run the pipework along the raised bed but has not connected it the other end yet.


Then he got on with finishing the arch, he is a bit of a perfectionist so he was strapping the uprights that were already in together as they were a few mm off being straight.


He added the top bars, also made from fence posts, and he cut them at an angle so it looks a bit like a pergola. The only problems he had making it was the quality of the fence posts, which we purchased from Jewsons as unfortunately Wood Chuck Recycling didn’t have any wood the right size and length. When cutting the angles he found that the posts kept splitting and pieces falling off, though once it has a lovely climbing plant over it you wont notice. Whilst he had been doing that, I finished oiling the last bed and as ever popped out to do a few jobs.


He didn’t stop there either, he had put in some electric cable so we can get an electrician in to connect some power points up, and the spacing for decking lights though we’re waiting on some replacements to complete them (more on that next time).

He then finished the the top of the gate so all in all a very productive day.

Thursday – Wind, Staple Gun and Miles of Plastic

Thursday was my day to get on with my jobs in the garden so I’m not in my partners way. My task for the day was to line the raised beds with plastic sheeting to help protect them from damp soil. This took me several frustrating hours. The sheeting was 50m long and 1m wide. For the long bed I only needed the plastic to be 50cm so I was cutting in in half as I went along stapling.


I brought a Stanley Heavy-Duty Staple Gun from Screwfix it was on offer at £14.99 and had good reviews, so I thought I’d give it a go. It worked well but I struggled with the grip as my hands are too small to squeeze the trigger one handed, which meant I was trying to hold the plastic (which was blowing everywhere in the breeze) and squeeze the staple gun and miss all the cabling.


I definitely could of used a second pair of hands. I got to the end of the long bed and felt relieved, until I remembered had to go all the way back along the back, though that was quicker as there were no posts to go around as these are behind acting as spacers from the wall.


I managed to line the large L shaped bed I can’t do the little bed until the replacement lights are delivered, so this mistake by the company has slowed progress a bit.

But the L bed is now ready for me to start filling, and hopefully the replacement lights will come and I get get these in and line the last bed on Friday.


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