Pleasure Gardens at The Grand Union Brixton

After stuffing my face at Towcester Tea Rooms I went straight home, touched up of my make up, changed my outfit, grabbed my over-night bag and jumped in the car for the drive down to London.

After an hour and a half driving I arrived at The Grand Union in Brixton to meet some friends for birthday celebrations. I went straight to the bar it was happy hour until eight so all cocktails were £5. I started off the night with a Pawn Star Martini.

It does take some time to get drink as everyone is ordering cocktails, the staff were really busy so this was quite slow. After finally getting our cocktails they were worth the wait and I went outside to find the rest of the group in our pre booked tree house.


The outdoor area at The Grand Union is surprisingly big, particularly for the centre of London. It’s filled with ‘tree houses’, so each booked group gets there own little space. There is seating inside the hut, a table (for drinks), and heater for cool summer evenings. Our Tree House even had our own TV so the boys could keep an eye on the World Cup games that were on. The rest of the garden area is filled with seating, plants, a big screen with world cup games on, another bar and even a Tuk Tuk!




It really felt like we were not in busy Brixton.

The garden closed about eleven so we moved inside and upstairs to dance the night away.

I would defiantly recommend The Grand Union Bar, the garden is a great space you don’t find often in London, the range of Cocktails is impressive although the bar can be quite slow. The venue could defiantly do with some more toilets (two cubicles for the girls), there were big queues all night so don’t wait till the last minute for a wee, you could be waiting some time.

Defiantly a venue I will be returning too though had a brilliant time.


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