Planting Complete

So after just filling the small bed and really feeling like the garden was finally getting somewhere I roped my mum and sister in for a day of planting and after filling both mine and my mums car with all the plants we had been lovingly growing for the last year we headed to my house.

After the mamouth task of then unloading everything we started to find the plants that we had planned for the other small raised bed, by chalking it out on my mums patio and adding and removing plants so this bed was planned fully and ready to go straight in.




Then we started looking for the tall plants we had already picked spots for on the plan:



We placed these still in their pots so we can see what spacing was needed and and we can still re arrange things if we chose.


Placing plants in pots


Once we had put in everything from the plan, we looked at what we had left and and started filling in gaps and after a while swapping the all around we were happy so started the several hours it took us to get them all in.



I then soaked them all with the hose to ensure their roots are settled and I must say they look like they have been there a while its a massive improvement don’t you think?




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