Planning Raised Beds

This year’s big project is to improve my garden, make my patio area more usable and the whole garden less scruffy looking. I have on old Victorian terrace so my garden is long and thin. At the moment the majority is grassed then there is a low brick wall that divides the grass and a patio area then at the far end is a large brick bed just over a meter high.


I love the look of raised beds, so the plan is to put a raised bed along one side the length of the grass (approx. 11 meters) then to knock the small wall down and build across the end of the grass leaving a gap in the middle to access the patio with an arch and to also build in some benches on the patio side.


Photoshopped plan of how my garden will hopefully look soon!

That is the plan for this year, next year we want to remove the large high bed at the end of the garden to extend the patio, we will then do a smaller L shaped raised bed and then my partner has decided after doing all this work he deserves a Jacuzzi (jury is still out on that one).

 Sleeper v. Scaffold Boards

My initial plan was to use railway sleepers, but they are a bit outside my budget. After a lot of research I have decided to use scaffold boards, which come in at half the price. I found a wood recycling organisation in St Albans. They were so helpful and the place was an Aladdin’s cave, any one doing projects involving wood should look up there local centre as you can save a fortune.


Total price for 21 scaffold boards and 30 posts is £323

They are being delivered 6th June!

My partner is responsible for building the raised beds and my job is filling them with flowers. Now I love flowers and plants, but my track record with them is less than perfect and there have been casualties in the past! So what do I do? I rope in my big sister who is far more green fingered.

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