Perenial Plug Plants & Bare Root Hosta

So I’ve been shopping again! This time with JP Parker. In there Latest Offers I found a Cottage Garden Perennial pack 12 Plugs for £4.99 this contained:

  • Tall Solidago
  • Verbascum Mix
  • Pvrethrum Mix
  • Russel Lupin Mix
  • Camp Gloriosa Superba
  • Sidalcea Rosaly

Then I also picked Ground Cover Perennials a pack of 12 (£4.99) consisting of 1 each of the following:

  • Dianthus Deltoides
  • Edelweiss
  • Helianthemum Red
  • Phyteuma Scheuchzeri
  • Sedum Kamschaticum
  • Sedum Spurium

perenial plugs

These perennials all came as large plug plants which we potted up (and labelled!) straight away and watered in.

perenial plugs from JParker


Also in this order I picked a Hosta Collection for £3.99 which should have been a mix of 5 different types, when I received them there was a sticker that said “Due to exhausted stocks please accept 8 different varieties of Hosta sorry for any inconvenience’ . They had sent me 8 – 3 free ones! No inconvenience to me as I will grow them all and if there are any extras I will hopefully swap them locally for something else or give them to a friend.

8 varieties of bare root hosta

My Hosta Collection Included:

  • Hosta So Sweet
  • Hosta Canadian Blue
  • Hosta Honey Bells
  • Hosta White Feather
  • Hosta Touch of Class
  • Hosta Diana Remembered
  • Hosta Fire & Ice
  • Hosta Und. Albomarginata

I was surprised when these arrived I expected them to be in plug form however you can see from the picture they looked woody and in my opinion dead – just roots!

bare root hosta

We planted these in posts too and watered in, so I will wait and see what happens. Fingers crossed they grow as some of these look quite impressive on Google!

I also ordered a pack of 30 Dutch Iris Tiger mixed for £1.99, I like bulbs as you can stick them in and forget about them and lastly I got a free gift of 5x Lillium Regale (love a freebie).

dtch iris

These lily bulbs are really big!

These lily bulbs are really big!

I really should not be allowed near a computer I always get over excited with all the special offers, It defiantly pays to shop around and keep an eye on the latest offers and discounts as again I have saved a fortune!

 Total Spend £19.95 (inc. postage)


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