Patchwork Stool Project Complete

Following on from making patchwork after some deliberation I decided to keep the legs on the stool a natural wood colour.

Just to remind you, this is what they looked like before:


As they were a bit battered and scuffed I sanded them back using my favourite mouse sander.


Once completely sanded I decided to use some all in one wood finish I already had in my shed.


I used an old cloth to rub stain in, sanding lightly between coats to ensure any grain raised by the stain was smooth (don’t want to be snagging your tights!).


Whilst the stain was drying I decided to finish the top of the stool. Firstly I got the original top and wrapped in in some fresh wadding to ensure it was comfy. To fasten this I used my new toy a big stapler.


I stapled one side, pulled tight, and then did the opposite side and repeated. Once the side were done I stapled each corner and then trimmed away the excess wadding.


I then laid the waded stool top onto the patchwork piece and ensured it was in the right place, then as with the wadding I put one staple in each side and then pulled it tight and stapled opposite side until they were all secure (this is far easier with a second pair of hands). Then it was on to the corners which again were pulled tight and stapled.



I then trimmed all the excess fabric to make the stool top ready for the legs.



This was the easy bit just lined up the existing holes and re attached using some new-non rusty screws and the project is complete.


Doesn’t look to shabby – so I decided to do the other stool I purchased at the same time, this one is in yellows and greys with white painted legs:

shabby chic stool



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