Making Scaffold Benches with Cast Iron Legs

I really wanted to add some extra seating to the garden with out lots of extra chairs to find storage space for. So I decided to add benches to the patio side of my raised beds.


I still had some scaffold boards left over so I decided to use these for the seat part of the bench. I just needed to decide what to make the legs out of after discussing with my sister the options we spent the next couple of weeks trawling ebay and gumtree looking for some cast iron legs we could upcycle. We were about to give up as we had not found anything the right size or that wasn’t 500 miles away when we found a listing for six cast iron legs.

After a a nail biting wait for the auction to end and a 3 hour round trip, I picked these up:



With a bit of TLC- using a wire brush, scraper


And pressure washer (I was soaked up to my thighs!)



All the flaking paint and rust was removed ready for painting, I decided to do them in black smooth finish Hammerite £9.99. Hammerite is seriously sticky, my sister was giving me a hand, the end of her paintbrush fell off in the pot and after fishing it out and trying to fix it her hand was stuck to the brush, oops!

After just one coat the legs looked so much better:


Bench Top

The width of the legs was just over a scaffold board wide so I decided to make the tops a board and a half wide. So it didn’t look funny, I decided to cut the boards in half so I could use three smaller planks and with the help of a friend who had a better tool collection than mine this took minutes to do.

Then I shortened the boards to the length required:


Sanded them with the power sander:


Until they were smooth:


Top – before sanding, Bottom – beautifully smooth (no snagging your tights on this).

I then used the remaining preserver and oil to protect these planks and as a bonus they are the perfect match for my raised beds. I sanded between coats of oil to smooth where the grain was raised.

Putting it together

To put it together we cut some batons out of scrap wood to join the three planks together. I pilot drilled, and screwed the two opposite corners first. Then added two screws per board, again drilling first:


To make it easier to get the screws in (and out again in future), we added a little washing up liquid on the screws:


Next the legs went on, remembering to put them upside down, and I also choose to face them in the same direction so that I could see the fancy side rather than them facing the wall/fence.


The legs were pre drilled so just needed a pilot hole and a screw to attach them.

I love my beautiful, amazing and cheap new benches:


I used four cast iron legs to make my two benches, and then I’ll sell the other pair to recoup some costs.

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