Log Store

I have wanted a log store for some time and now the shed is finished there’s no excuse to start building one. So using the brains and tools of a genius we started off with 2 big crates that were donated to me by a friend who had paving slabs delivered in them. 20141104_100327b We used one as the main structure and clad it using bits of another old shed that was lying around, this time we hand nailed the tongue and grove cladding as the nail gun was not feeling itself. 20141104_10351b We clad the back and two sides leaving the bottom open so the wood can breath and dry out. 20141104_122024b Then we started to build the top- i didn’t want any old roof on my log store I had decided after seeing all the alpines at the garden centre I wanted an Alpine bed on the roof. So we used more old bits of wood we had to create a flat base and then added raised sides to contain the soil, 20141104_123040b We removed some of the metal corner braces from the other crate and used these to strengthen the corners. 20141104_123032b   we then took the sides off the other crate, and used these to make doors as there were quite large gaps between the wooden slats we removed extra wood from the crate to fill these.


Taking the sides off

I then brought some gate hinges and a catch from Screwfix and attached the doors. 20141104_125519b   As we used all odds and ends that were laying around in our gardens this project only cost: 65P a hinge and a gate latch for £1.79 so a total of £4.39. 20141104_152511b I just need to decide on a design for my alpine planting and get the alpines.

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