Leighton Buzzards Wild West Big Lunch

Sunday and the sun is shining, I can’t stay inside so whilst I waited for my friend to be free got washing done and out in garden, a bit off weeding and repainted my bamboo garden torches with some teak oil to spruce them up as silly me left them out all winter.

I then popped with my friend to Leighton Buzzards Wild West Big Lunch, I was hoping for a big BBQ so we could get something tasty for lunch. The high street was closed off for various things going on. There was a singer surrounded by hay bale seating, various local charity stalls running raffles, some games for the children like hoopla and fishing for ducks. I was however disappointed as the overpriced selection of food available, no big BBQ but Chinese, fish and chips, Caribbean food and a burger stall. Not much of a Wild West big lunch!


Though I did end up eating dinky doughnuts as once I smell them I can’t resist. We actually ended up sitting in one of the pub gardens for lunch having jacket potatoes with BBQ pulled pork. There was entertainment if you had young children and all the people running the event were dressed as cowboys/cowgirls, there was some entertainment like cowboys riding unicycles and one on stilts. It had a nice community feel, but from something tittle a big lunch I expected more.



Well done to the Town Council and the Event organisers for making an effort though and the sun for making it a glorious day. My highlight would have to be the Cowboy on stilts who approached us whilst we were having lunch to ask “Ladies could you please help me pull my chaps down?” now there’s an offer you don’t get every day. After laughing are heads off and turning the cow boy very red, we pulled his chaps down over his stilts where they had become caught up.

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