Hardy Gerbera and Bonus Peoney

It’s raining and miserable, but it’s my day off I’m determined to do something. So I popped to Frosts garden centre in Woburn sands. Yes in the rain and yes I did not have my coat on! I was hoping they would have pick n mix plugs, I’d seen last year at 6 for £5. Unfortunately I had left it too late and these had finished last month.



Lovely Lavender Boarders at Frosts

Hardy Gerbera

Whilst I was there I thought I’ll pop over the other side of the garden centre and see what they had outside. I was not letting the rain stop me, they even offer customers umbrellas! The first thing that caught my eye was some lovely bright gerberas; I’ve always loved these in bouquets. Then I saw the sign next to them: two HARDY gerberas for £10. I did not know they came as hardy! I was straight on the phone to my sister to check this Gavinea version would definitely survive over winter. She confirmed (there may have been googling involved) they are quite new but do claim to be hardy, so I thought I’d treat myself. I then had to face the dilemma of which colours?


My three favourite colours

After about 20 mins of umming and ahhhing and another phone call to my sister I decided on a bright pink and a peachy orange.


The two I picked

Hardy Gerbera (look for ones called Garvinea) are a new – they’ve been bred to be bright coloured, cold tolerant (okay to -5°C) and disease resistant (what more could you want?) The flower size is meant to be smaller than the normal Gerberas (still plenty big enough) but they flower through summer to the end of autumn.


Eye catching flowers

Defiantly one of my new favourite plants – I just need to watch my mum and sister they have their eyes on them too.


Then to make the miserable day even better I remembered I had Frosts vouchers somewhere in the bottomless pit I call a handbag. On digging these out I realised this week it’s a half price peony – something I’ve had my eye on. I thought I was out of luck as another customer was just examining the last one, which looked a bit sad and unloved, so he put it back down I was just trying to Google the name to see the colour when he came back and stated his wife had told him to get it, though he explained he did not understand the point as it looked like it was dying, he was clearly in a generous mood and said I could have it. I knew with my sister’s green fingers it would be perky again and if not with Frosts 5 year guarantee at £4 I thought it was defiantly worth the risk and into my basket he went.

Slightly sad peony

Slightly sad peony

Although it’s looking sad at the moment, my one at home has just started flowering and I love them they are different to most other plants I’ve got for the raised beds as the flowers are bigger than my fist!


My half price Frosts Peony from two years ago!


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