Discount Plants – End of Season Bargains

After spending the morning on my sisters roof garden potting up all the plugs which are now huge plants and some are flowering and having another rummage in mums garden for more things to take cuttings from I got a message from a friend. She knows I love the garden centre and was going to get her car cleaned there (first time in 4 years) and asked if I wanted to keep her company and we could have a look around whilst we waited.

I couldn’t resist so off I went to the Leighton Buzzard Garden Centre. I then dragged her to bargain corner and got all excited at what she refers to as dead plants. My friend found it hilarious as I grabbed a basket and filled it with “dead” primroses and polyanthus.


The original prices were £1.49 each for the posts and £3.49 for the trays. I brought 10 pots and a tray and it only cost £3 in total instead of £18.39. Though I may share a few with my mum.

So off I went back to my sister’s house, via mine to grab more compost, to pot up the new additions. Once they’ve had a chance to recover and grow on, we’ll be able to split them and get more plants.

Update 6/6/2014


One week later and already perking up

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