DIY Diamante Shoes

After having a couple of operations on my hips, I can no longer wear the majority of my shoe collection as the heels are too high. I was so disappointed and I wanted to find a pair of flat/kitten heel shoes that were really nice to wear for my birthday. I looked every where and I couldn’t find anything I liked.

So I brought a plain black pair of low heels in the sale (£7) and decided I would see what I could do to them, I’d seen all the shoes covered in Swarovski crystals, though these were expensive and I thought I can have a go at that myself!

black shoes

So I went on ebay and brought a mix of both Swarovski crystals and resin crystals (Swarovski were far more expensive) in various sizes and colours. It was £29.89 for 1000 mixed 3mm coloured Swarovski crystals and 2500 mixed 4-5mm resin crystals for £13. As you can see from the prices the resin crystals are much cheaper, they don’t have quite the same twinkle but mixed together it gave the same look without costing a fortune. 4500 was plenty and I’ve used the leftovers for several other projects since.

swarovski crystals

I also brought Gem Tac Glue (£5.99) and a crystal grabber (£3.50) – a stick with a tacky substance on the end gems stick to, making it far easier to pick them up and place them where you want them.


I tried a few different patterns by marking with chalk onto the shoes the areas I wanted to cover with gems. Once I’d decided I then added a bit of glue at a time and started sticking the gems on, building it up a bit at a time covering the heels, backs and then the toes. I really thought this would take days to do but actually it was quite fast. The crystal grabbers were invaluable – I wouldn’t want to try it without them, it made it very easy to position the crystals.


I have worn these out numerous times now, including in the rain, I was really worried I thought by the time I get home I’ll have lost lots of the crystals, however I’ve only lost the odd one or two at the bottom of the heel (who has cobbled paving anyway!). So I would definitely recommend the GemTac glue I used.

This is a inexpensive way to really jazz up and customise your shoes and I’ve been asked a few times by admirers where I got them from.

swarovski crystal shoes

swarovski crystal heels

swarovski crystal heels

One thought on “DIY Diamante Shoes”

  1. Tunja says:

    You should see what happened to the left over stones. My sports bag has been ‘bejazeled’ and no one can mistake who it belongs too. It causes a stir where ever I take it.

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