Christmas Baubles

I decided I wanted to change the colour theme on our Christmas tree, and add red into it! Well baubles are not cheap and you only have them out for a short amount of time. As I was off work after surgery  I had quite a bit of time on my hands so I decided to have a go at making some.

I brought some clear plain plastic baubles from the 99p shop you got 6 in a pack so quite cheap. I then sanded them to make the surface rough to help paint or anything else I decided to use stick better.

I tried the first one with red acrylic paint however after a few coats it was still patchy and a bit see through, so I found some brown paper and decided to put a layer of papier-mâché on first before decorating.


This looked really good and I left some baubles with brown paper showing in the designs, others I completely painted and added crystals I had left from my shoe project  and of course a lot of glitter.




I did a variety of designs and my friends all had personalised snowmen ones.


This is a cheap easy Christmas activity that you can do with children too.

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