Restored Brass Garden Lanterns

So now I have spent so much time making my garden a lovely haven it just needed a few finishing touches. It can be quite dark along the side of my house and I often go out in the winter to the new Shed or Log store so I decided…


Log Store

I have wanted a log store for some time and now the shed is finished there’s no excuse to start building one. So using the brains and tools of a genius we started off with 2 big crates that were donated to me by a friend who had paving slabs…


Shed Makeover

My poor garden shed although I did give it lick of paint a few years ago was completely neglected, rotting and very leaky. So with a lots of help from my new man and his amazing range of tools we set to work. Firstly we removed the bottom few planks…


Customised Garden Lanterns

I was recently given some garden lanterns by a friend who had not got around to doing anything with them, these were plain brown ones originally from Ikea. I decided to make them tie in with my garden cushions. I used Acrylic paint and mixed the blue to match (ensuring…


Stenciling Garden Cushions

I’ve been looking for some garden cushions for a while, but struggled to find any that did not cost the earth and I liked. I’d finally decided that to get some I liked on my budget I would probably have to make them, although this too could be costly by…


Upcycle Wooden Garden Pot

After making and painting the trellis I had some pink Cuprinol left which I decided to use on a wooden plant pot I already had that had defiantly seen better days. To start with I emptied and cleaned the pot and left it in the sunshine so the wood could…


Making Scaffold Benches with Cast Iron Legs

I really wanted to add some extra seating to the garden with out lots of extra chairs to find storage space for. So I decided to add benches to the patio side of my raised beds. Legs I still had some scaffold boards left over so I decided to use…

pink trellis - cuprinol garden shades

Making Fan Trellis from Upcycled Wood

I had two fan trellis on my wall before, but for my garden makeover I wanted two more. They’ll each have a clematis growing up them. The only trouble was the only fan trellis I could find were £15 each – a bit over budget after buying masonry paint etc….


Planting Complete

So after just filling the small bed and really feeling like the garden was finally getting somewhere I roped my mum and sister in for a day of planting and after filling both mine and my mums car with all the plants we had been lovingly growing for the last…


Filling the First Raised Bed

I was really keen to start planting so it felt like I was getting somewhere, so I decided to start with the little separate section of raised bed. As it’s shady right next to the fence I decided to go for a tropical theme with some of the ferns and…