Card Making for the Twins

I love any excuse for a bit of art and craft. Luckily lately there has been some opportunities to get creative, and with one of my best friends and my partners sister getting engaged this week I’m hoping for lots more.

A friend has just had twin girls – she is a brave woman, I don’t think I could cope with one let alone two. I looked for a card for twins but there was nothing I really liked so I decided to make one. I picked out the baby colours from my stash of fabric and decided I would patchwork the card.


The whilst making salt dough shapes for another project I found a teddy bear and little bird cutter, so made a couple of these at the same time.


I painted t-shirts on the little salt dough bears with initials for their names and I stuck these and the birds on the front with Gem Tac glue (this stuff sticks everything).


I decided it would be nice to sew the girl’s names, dates of birth and weights on to another piece of fabric to go in the middle of the card. After unpicking my first illegible attempt and swapping from embroidery thread to cotton I was successful. I then added a hand written message and the card was complete.



Such a personal and thoughtful thing but really easy to do. She was over the moon with it and it’s a nice keepsake for the girls, who I might add are absolutely gorgeous.

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