Building Raised Beds Day 1

I had a big delivery Friday! I’m very excited all the scaffold boards and posts were delivered from the St Albans Wood Recycling company ready to build the new raised beds. Unfortunately we were working over the weekend (and it was so sunny) so these were stacked to one side until today (Monday).

scaffold boards

This morning I got up and went to work again but when I came home all I could hear was power tools roaring away! I had my fingers crossed they were coming from my garden, and yes my partner and his dad were working!


So far they had moved all my pots out of the way, dug up my grape vine and put him in a big bucket, and knocked the wall down that separated the patio and lawn.


Oscar the Site Manager checking progress

They had also managed to get boards up the length of the garden so the back of the main bed is done!


So they had definitely been busy, there were tools spread everywhere and about ten minutes after I came home it started to rain so we had a mad dash to get all the power tools and extension cables into the shed.

As it only rained for about fifteen minutes we invited my partners parents to stay for dinner and got the BBQ on and a few ciders in the fridge, well deserved I think! I cant wait to see how much further its got when I come home from work tomorrow.

I better get on and order all the other things we need like polythene to line the beds, and some wood protection to stop the boards rotting as well as the fancy deck lights we like.


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