Bargain Plug Plants

In preparation for this years garden makeover, my fabulous sister has helped me start collecting plants to ensure that once the raised beds are built I don’t have to look at mud for months whilst I attempt to grow anything.

We started online looking at all the bargain packs of mixed perennial plug plants and we went a little crazy but without spending a fortune by using voucher codes from Thompson and Morgan. This is a good site for information and the occasional bargain. Last July I ordered a 36 perennial luck dip for 1p! (yes 1p) plus postage of £4.95 with a saving of £35.94!

This pack consisted of 6 of each of the following Lavender,

  • Silene  Jack Flash
  • Geum Mrs Bradshaw
  • Poppy Papaver Pizzicato
  • Gaillardia Arizona Aprico
  • Echinacea Primadonna
  • Lavendar Munstead

These were tiny plugs (the size of my finger) I was shocked. If it had been me looking after these no way they would have made it. Now they are huge!


Then in August last year I ordered again from Thompson and Morgan the Autumn jumbo plug bumper collection for £9.99 plus £4.95 postage this included:

  • 3 Heuchera Tapestry Mixed (usually £17.99)
  • 3 Clematis Sieboldii (usually £12.99)
  • 3 Hardy Osteospermum 3 (usually £19 for nine plugs, so £6.33 for three)
  • 4 Erysimum (Wallflower (usually £19 for nine plugs, so £6.66 for three)
  • 1 Geranium Rozanne (usually £9.99)


So big savings there too! Look at the size of the Heuchera!


Heuchera, Geum, Osteospermum Jucundum

My sister spends time lovingly tendering these on her roof garden. We continued in the last year nabbing bargains online the latest being 6 hardy fuchsia plugs for just over £6 including postage. These arrived on Friday and are already potted up in the little green house I can’t wait to see how big she can grow these.

Total Spend so far: approximately £25.90

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