pink trellis - cuprinol garden shades

Making Fan Trellis from Upcycled Wood

I had two fan trellis on my wall before, but for my garden makeover I wanted two more. They’ll each have a clematis growing up them. The only trouble was the only fan trellis I could find were £15 each – a bit over budget after buying masonry paint etc….


Planting Complete

So after just filling the small bed and really feeling like the garden was finally getting somewhere I roped my mum and sister in for a day of planting and after filling both mine and my mums car with all the plants we had been lovingly growing for the last…


Filling the First Raised Bed

I was really keen to start planting so it felt like I was getting somewhere, so I decided to start with the little separate section of raised bed. As it’s shady right next to the fence I decided to go for a tropical theme with some of the ferns and…