scruffy garden wall

Painting Garden Wall

My garden wall looked more shabby than chic, particularly against my lovely new raised beds. After carefully calculating the surface area, a bit tough as it was too high to measure. I bought a tub of Santex Masonry Paint (£24.99 from Screwfix), half the price of Dulux Weathershield. To prepare…

Bright Borders

Harlington in Bloom

I spent last Saturday getting sweaty and hot and a tad sunburnt at Harlington in Bloom, part of the RHS Britain in Bloom campaign where private gardens are open to the public. We started at the village hall where we made a donation (50% goes to support Water Aid and…

rusty BBQ

5 Steps to Cleaning a Rusty BBQ

I left my BBQ out all winter, uncovered – silly moo! It’s only a couple of years old, but is now an eye-sore in my lovely new garden. I had occasion to restore a rusty fireplace I rescued from a building being torn down a couple of years ago, I…


Restored Shabby Chic Dressing Table and Stool

I’d been looking for a shabby chic style desk to fit in the alcove of my spare room for awhile, but a dressing table, stool and mirror set cost £200-300 – a little too much for my budget. I started looking at local ads and ebay for a fixer upper…

swarovski crystal heels

DIY Diamante Shoes

After having a couple of operations on my hips, I can no longer wear the majority of my shoe collection as the heels are too high. I was so disappointed and I wanted to find a pair of flat/kitten heel shoes that were really nice to wear for my birthday….


Raised Beds – Building Complete

Monday 7th July – Finishing Building My partner had some spare time again today, so he’s called his dad in and they cracked on with the gate and the beds. I was out all day, much to their relief (I’m not in their hair) so I was excited to return…


Frosts Woburn Sands and Wyevale Garden Centre

It was such a lovely Sunday last weekend, I wanted to go out and do something. I found an advert for the Aspley Guise Open Gardens, where some of the village allow the public to visit their gardens and there are plant and cake stalls in the village hall. I…


Preserving Raised Beds

Preserving Since the last update on my raised beds, I have been busy preserving the long L shaped bed. I looked online for preservative and decking oil. I decided on decking oil as I thought this would look more natural than using some of the stains, as I couldn’t find…


Thompson and Morgan Clematis Plugs

An offer for free clematis from Thompson and Morgan was recently posted in the Gardening group I joined on Facebook. In my garden one side has a long white rendered wall which is very boring to look at, so I have been looking for some nice climbing plants to grow up it. The…